News Herald Bill $858.00

Back in early October, I brought you the story that News Herald publisher Kevin Burcham, had threatened to sue the election commission if they didn't run the election notices and sample ballots in his paper. He even stated he would overturn the election. You might call that extortion or blackmail, I guess Burcham just calls it good business.

The election commission erring on the side of caution, decided to go ahead and run the sample ballot in the News Herald realizing that could be cheaper than answering a frivolous law suit brought by Burcham.  The half page ballot ad ran back in October. Cost to the tax payers, $858.00 for the one time ad. The ad also ran at the first of November. However the bill for that ad has not been filed as of yet. It will likely be the as much or more than the first one.

It's unfortunate that the News Herald publisher is more concerned about shaking down the tax payers than he is about reporting the news but I guess that's just the way it is.