News Herald Threatens Law Suit








Kevin Burcham

I guess that's one way to sale ads in the paper. Apparently feeling the pinch of the slow economy, a very unhappy News Herald publisher Kevin Burcham, has threatened to sue the election commission if they don't run the election notices and sample ballots in his paper. Burcham stated that he would sue to overturn the election for failure to comply with public notice laws pertaining to elections. Burcham apparently feels that the Daily Digest doesn't meet the qualifications as a "news paper of general circulation" as required in the election laws.

Election commissioner, Dana Zehner, decided a couple of years ago not to use the News Herald for her public notices of election matters sighting the high costs. The last time she used the News Herald to publish the sample ballot was in August of 2006. At that time the cost was nearly $6,000.00. In attempt to hold down costs, Zehner has since used only the Daily News Digest for her notices.

Zehner is working with the state election commission to determine if in fact the Digest does qualify as a "news paper of general circulation."

The News Herald should run all election notices as a public service. Maybe that would help their dwindling circulation.