More Gun Permits

Last week I brought you a story about the number of handgun permits in Loudon County. The information came from a database maintained by The Commercial Appeal News Paper in Memphis. As of last week the database had not been updated in several months. Fortunately, the database was just updated and reveals that handgun permits in Loudon County have increased dramatically in the last six months. Some feel the election of a rabid antigun president is the driving force of the permit surge.

Below is the updated information from the database for Loudon County by city and by zip code. The zip code numbers are slightly higher because some zips extend beyond the county line.

Permits By City  
Lenoir City 1081
Loudon 681
Greenback 304
Philadelphia 153
Total 2219
Permits By Zip Code  
37771 617
37772 563
37774 684
37846 157
37874 450
37742 305
Total 2776