Where Are The Guns?

Even though there are those in local government like Lenoir City Mayor Matt Brookshire and county mayor Doyle Arp who have worked hard to take away the rights of law-abiding gun owners, folks are still getting their permits to carry a hand gun.

The Memphis Appeal News Paper has put together a searchable database of  hand gun permit holders in Tennessee. The database can be searched by name, city or zip.

Below is the information from the database for Loudon County by city and by zip code. The zip code numbers are slightly higher because some zips extend beyond the county line. The database seems to be about six months behind on updates.

It's great to see that so many people are exercising their second amendment right to own and bear arms in spite of those politicians who would deny them their rights.

Click Here For Link To Database.

Permits By City  
Lenoir City 902
Loudon 563
Greenback 247
Philadelphia 128
Total 1840
Permits By Zip Code  
37771 518
37772 465
37774 567
37846 133
37874 373
37745 249
Total 2305