Justice Is Nether Swift Nor Blind In Loudon County

It's an odd phenomenon. In the time I have been reporting current events in and around Loudon County, I have received some pretty harsh criticism at times. It's not as though I make up the stories I report, I just simply report the facts of an issue and that seems to really anger some folks. It's not as if I'm making the stuff up and I certainly didn't make the people do the bad things they were charged with or arrested for. Whether I report the stories or not, the facts remain the same. I think I now understand the old saying, "don't shoot the messenger."

I must report the following account of one instance that recently took place in the Loudon County judicial system. However in an effort to show my sensitivity I will use no names. Names are not necessary to the point of this story.

In July of 2004, a Loudon County employee, well connected and related to a prominent Loudon County official was arrested. We will call him Leroy. Leroy was caught stealing some lumber and when approached ran from the police in his vehicle. Leroy was shortly caught with his ill gotten booty. He was also taken to the hospital for a blood alcohol test. Leroy was arrested and charged with theft and DUI. All the following facts come directly from court records.

Trial date was set in Loudon County General Sessions Court for 8/25/04
Trial date rescheduled for 10/20/04
Trial date rescheduled for 11/03/04
Trial date rescheduled for 1/26/05
Trial date rescheduled for 2/2/05
Trial date rescheduled to move trial to Meigs County. (Court documents do not state why trial was relocated to Meigs County.)

February 2005, case was heard by Meigs County judge and remanded back to Loudon County Grand Jury.

Loudon County Grand Jury indicted Leroy 8/11/05
Trial date rescheduled for 8/15/05
Trial date rescheduled for 1/11/07

At trial on 1/11/07, a plea bargain was reached. The DUI charge was reduced to reckless driving and the theft charge was dismissed. Leroy pled guilty.

Leroy was sentenced to six months probation or till all fines and costs are paid. Leroy paid all his fines and costs, $1,453.50, the same day. Leroy is free and clear.

You can take it however you want and I am sure some will be angry at me for reporting this saga even without names. But if I were someone in Loudon County who had to serve time for a like or lesser offence, I would be pretty put out.