Insurance Committee Appointed

While very little action actually took place at Monday's County Commission workshop, one surprising event did take place. County Mayor, Doyle Arp, appointed a county insurance committee. Committee board members include, Nancy Marcus, Shirley Reno, Fred Cheney, and Dana Zehner. Arp also mentioned that counrt elected officials would be members of the committee.

For several years, Commissioner Nancy Marcus has been attempting to change the structure of county employee health insurance costs. Ms. Marcus has attempted several times to increase the employee share of their health insurance to 25%. In her latest attempt, Ms. Marcus sent other commissioners a letter stating she would not support the current budget unless the other commissioners supported her recommendation to increase the employee health insurance costs. Neither the budget nor the insurance change has made it to the commission for a vote as of yet. The budget is slated to be voted on at the August 4th commission meeting.

As an appointed committee with recommendation authority,  all meetings of the insurance committee must have adequate public notice and must be open to the public. County employees are encouraged to attend these meetings.