Commissioner Issues Ultimatum

In a letter apparently to other members of the commission, 1st District Commissioner, Nancy Marcus, issued an ultimatum that she will not vote for the current budget unless the other commissioners vote to increase employees share of  the cost of their health insurance.

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Commissioner Marcus has previously tried on several occasions to increase the county employee's share of the cost of their health insurance. In her letter, Marcus uses the fairness issue and high costs to justify her plan to change the insurance plan. Currently, county employees pay approximately 10% of the premium with the county picking up the balance. Marcus wants the employee to pay 25%.

Commissioner Marcus' letter goes on at length about the need for the county to save money and be responsible with the tax payer's money. Problem is, the commissioner's words ring hollow in light of the spending spree the commission has been on since Arp took office. For instance, $390,000.00 for a private road for developer Thunder Thornton, $300,000.00 for the completely unnecessary remodeling of the county building columns and all, hefty raises and salary supplements for some and frivolous legal actions to keep public records secret and on and on. 

If commission wants to implement a new insurance policy, then they should consider making the 75/25 split on any new hires. Ms. Marcus' request and actions might be honorable if not for the shear hypocrisy of her demand. Local government can not pick and choose when it comes to cost cutting. If commissioners want to cut costs, it must be across the board. It can not be just dibs and dabs and it can not be on the backs of the current employees.

Commission will be voting on the 08/09 budget at the June 2nd meeting. All county employees are encouraged to attend the meeting.