I Want Credit

"There is no limit to what can be accomplished if it doesn’t matter who gets the credit.”

It's a great axiom but apparently not everyone lives by it. Last week I ran a little story about the completion of the Shaw Ferry/Hwy. 11 intersection. I didn't go into a lot of detail cause I'm sure at some point there will be a ribbon cutting where all the principals will be involved.

Anyway, seems former commissioner, Wayne Gardin, took great issue with me because I didn't mention him in the story. It appears that Mr. Gardin feels he needs credit for the project and called me to let me know so.

Mr. Gardin left a somewhat rambling and pretty profane voicemail on my answering machine the day after I ran the story. Normally I wouldn't even give Mr. Gardin's rant a second thought but this isn't the first time I've gotten one of his angry messages and I'm really tired of it.

Below is the voicemail. I will assume that if Mr. Gardin didn't mind calling me and making such statements, he wont mind if I share it with my readers. It would probably be best if Mr. Gardin doesn't call me or visit me anymore. Enough is enough.

Warning: Graphic Language.

Click Here to hear voicemail