All Done

After waiting so many years, the improvements at Shaw Ferry and Hwy 11 are complete. And it's nice.

Now no matter what time of day you have to go through the intersection, you know you can get through, safely.

There were some inconveniences during the construction but the contractor, Patty Construction, did a superb job in keeping the road open and traffic flowing despite the magnitude of the project.

Several have commented about the lack of turn signals on on both the north and south approaches of Hwy. 11 and I'm not sure why that decision was made but so far it doesn't seem to be a problem. I'm sure TDOT could come back any time and add the signals if they become needed.

I know there are a number of folks who were responsible for finally getting the project to reality. A number of elected officials and citizens have worked for years to get it done. But in all honesty, it never would have happened without State Representative Jimmy Matlock. We owe him a big thanks.

It probably wouldn't hurt to send a thank you email to Jimmy and for that matter the contractor and TDOT.  We sure didn't mind contacting them when we wanted the intersection fixed. It's only proper we contact them and tell them we appreciate a job well done.

General Contact

Jimmy Matlock, State Representative

Patty Construction