Forget The Border,
Who's Guarding The Crossroads?

With elements of the Tennessee National Guard deployed to protect the southern border with Mexico, it's shocking to learn that our very own National Guard Armory in the heart of Eaton Crossroads is playing host to hundreds of illegal immigrants on a regular basis. Ever since Lenoir City officials stopped allowing the use of the Memorial Building by their Mexican residents, they have been scrambling to find other places to hold their parties and fiestas. One of the locations which has become popular with the legal and illegal immigrants is the Guard Armory. With no security generally present at the heavily attended events, local law enforcement have reported numerous problems with drinking and drinking and driving at the events. Though alcohol is not served at the armory, the party goers are big fans of BYOB, Bring Your Own Booze.

After the first report on about the problems at the armory, state officials had reported that the practice of renting the armory for these events would be stopped. However Saturday, September 1, a large event was held beginning about 5:00 pm and was still going well after midnight.

While the drinking is certainly a severe problem, the fact that a branch of the U.S. military charged with enforcing the immigration laws on the one hand, would then open it's doors to the very illegal immigrants they are charged with arresting.

Here's an idea. Save a lot of time, money and effort. Rather than sending our guard soldiers to Texas or one of the other border states, just keep them at the crossroads armory and arrest the illegal immigrants when they show up at their next party.

This situation is unacceptable and intolerable and must be stopped.

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