Crossroads Warning

This is a viewer requested report.

For years the National Guard Armory at Eatons Crossroads has been a land mark and a place for community events. The circus, wrestling matches, community meetings and so on. But lately a dangerous trend has developed. Locals residents, white and Mexican have been using the facility for various events and "brown bagging", bring their own alcohol, to the events many times becoming intoxicated before hitting the streets in the area. Local law enforcement has been tasked with trying to address the problem but have yet found no solution. It is not known if the officials at the Armory are aware of the problem. Just a few years ago, an individual threatened to blow up the armory. Good thing he didn't attend one of these parties.

More drunk drivers in the area are not needed. If this matter is of concern to you, you may contact your State Representatives.

Randy Mcnally

Jimmy Matlock