Final Order

The final order on the law suit brought against the tax payers by court clerk, Lisa Niles, has been entered. The judge signed off on it this week.

You may recall, after wasting more than a hundred thousand dollars in legal fees, the judge gave Ms. Niles two additional employees above what the previous commission had already offered her.

With the order officially signed by the judge, there is a thirty day period that either side can contest the the order. If neither side files any additional appeals, the order will become permanent at the end of the thirty days.

Speaking strictly for myself, while I disagree with the final order giving her any additional help, for the sake of the tax payers, I could accept the final order and would hope this issue can be put to rest.

Given Ms. Niles of record of sticking it to the tax payers, it wouldn't be surprising if she appeals the judges order for more. What does she care, doesn't cost her anything. You, me and all the tax payers are paying all her legal fees.

I'll keep you posted.

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