Eventful Week

It has been a pretty eventful week at the Shaver household. The week started out good enough with Sarah taking a couple of weeks deserved vacation. Lots of plans to get a lot of things done. All went well till Wednesday.

While I was attending a short meeting in Loudon, Sarah calls to tell me she had had a bit of a car crash. Seems she and another car attempted to occupy the same space at the same time in a turn lane on Hwy. 321. That didn't turn out too well. Praise the Lord, nobody hurt just a lot of bent metal.  

Moneymaker was shortly on the scene to haul her car away. The repair appraisal came in at 20k. But things got even better as the day went on.

After the crash, we had a short trip to Maryville for of all things, for Sarah to get her carry permit. Came back to Lenoir City to check on the car with plans for other activities. Unfortunately, my heart had other plans.

I have been having a little chest discomfort for, oh a little while now, but just hoped it might go away. It did not. In fact by Wednesday afternoon, it was time to seek professional help.

To make a long story much shorter, I wound up in the hospital for a couple of days and had three stents placed in the old ticker.

Best I can tell, I think I'm all better for now and should be back to 100% shortly.

I think I'm going to tell Sarah she might want to go back to work before one of us winds up dead.