City Settles Suit

In what seems to be becoming a pattern Lenoir City officials agree to settle yet another law suit. This time to the tune of $125,000.00. This suit was brought last year by a now former business owner who's business was displaced by the city's purchase of the property along Broadway for the mayor's new city hall.

Kim Cook, owner of Wear Else New and Resale Clothing, that was located at 300 E. Broadway, had originally ask the city to pay a small fee to help relocate the business to a new location. Cook had a multi year commercial lease agreement on the property. City officials refused to talk with or pay anything to the business owner.

Ms. Cook filed her law suit last October asking for specific and nonspecific damages after her requests to the city for a much smaller settlement was ignored. 

You may recall back in November, the city agreed to settle another law suit brought by another city business owner after the city  illegally took a portion of his property for the walking trail. In this case the city agreed to pay George Sarten $39,000.00 to settle that case.

It never ceases to amaze me how easy it is for elected officials to spend others money.