The Bids Are In

You may recall, last month, Matt Brookshire proposed to council his plan to sell City Hall. This was the meeting that prompted his irrational outburst at vice Mayor, Buddy Hines, when Hines asked questions about the plan. A few days later, rather explain his plan to council, Brookshire submitted a letter to the editor detailing his idea for selling city hall and relocating city hall to the old Rexall building on Broadway. Aside from having no parking, the old building, built in 1908, would require extensive remodeling to make it code compliant.

The other part of Brookshire's plan was to take bids on the current city hall building. Brookshire stated that someone had interest in buying the building. Well, the bids, or actually, the bid is in. Citizens Bank of Athens is the sole bidder, offering $727,000.00 for the building and property and the city would have to vacate the premises within six months of the sale. The $727,000.00 should cover at least part of the cost to renovate the old Rexall building.