Brookshire The Builder

Lenoir City mayor and Middle School teacher,  Matt Brookshire, has added some previously unknown talents to his regal résumé. Engineer and builder. In a letter to the editor in the News Herald, Brookshire goes into some detail about his "vision" for Lenoir City. Wonder if he has checked with Dr. Bob Overholt to make sure both of their visions concur?

In Brookshire's LTE, he has determined to unveil his up to now secret plans for what to do if the city sells city hall before they have any where to go.

By all accounts, Brookshire made an absolute fool of himself at last Monday's council meeting when he decided lash out at councilman and vice-mayor , Buddy Hines, for simply asking questions of Brookshire on the topic of selling City Hall. Brookshire assured councilman Hines that there was a list of possible temporary locations for city hall in the event the building was sold. However, a request of city manager, Dale Hurst, for a copy of that list, resulted in Hurst's denial that the list existed.

If the LTE below is somehow Brookshire's way of trying to redeem himself for his tantrum, he failed again. If the LTE below is truly something Brookshire thinks is remotely, financially conceivable, then he has finally slipped off the edge.  


Attempting to renovate one of the old down town buildings to modern specifications would be far more costly than starting from scratch not to mention there is very little parking.

The fact that Brookshire felt forced to respond to all the criticism he has received after last Monday with a LTE is testimony in it's self that he has heard the voice of the people and it wasn't good for him.