Ballot Explained

With early voting beginning this Wednesday, 2/10, you may want to get familiar with the ballot for this election.

First of all, this election is a presidential primary and a county primary election. That means, when you go to vote you will have to choose to vote in the democrat primary or the republican primary. However, if you are wanting to vote in the Loudon County Property Assessor election or the Loudon County General Sessions Judge election, you will have to vote in the republican primary.

Since all the county candidates are running on the republican ticket, they will not be on the democrat ballot.

If you vote in the republican primary, you will also be faced with the option to vote for delegates for the republican presidential convention. You can vote for up to 17 of the 189 delegates. The only two locals on the delegate ballot that I know of is Chip Miller and Julia Hurley. Hurley is a delegate for Jeb Bush and Miller is a delegate for Marco Rubio.

If you choose to skip the two pages of delegates, you can simply hit the next button to move forward. The last page of the republican ballot is the Property Assessor and General Sessions Judge.

On the republican ballot, the first section will be the presidential candidates. The second section will be the delegates and the last will be the county candidates. It's hard to believe that anyone would actually vote in the democrat primary, but if they do, the only thing that will be on the ballot are one criminal, one socialist, and one guy that has already dropped out of the race. NO COUNTY CANDIDATES WILL BE ON THE DEMOCRAT BALLOT.

With this being the presidential preference election for both parties, voter turnout will be extremely high. You are encouraged to vote early and remember, no matter where you live in the county you can vote at either early voting location. You can find the information on early voting locations and times here

Below are separate links for the Democrat ballot and the republican ballot. You may want to look them over before going to vote.

Please Vote Early

Democrat Ballot Republican Ballot