August Election
Candidates And Causes

August 7th is the date of the upcoming election. Elections are basically a simple process. You the voters are the employers. Your company (local government) has job openings. You the voters owners of the company, yes you own your local government, will be interviewing candidates, doing background checks and hiring who you feel are the most qualified candidates to fill the job openings. If you the voters choose the most qualified candidates, your company will run smoothly and efficiently. It's important that you know the candidates applying for a job in your company.

The August election will be a county general election and a state primary. When you go to the polls you will be asked if you want to vote in the state democrat or republican primary. Regardless which state primary you choose, all local Loudon County candidates will be on the ballot.

Running for the only countywide office is Loudon County Property Assessor, Chuck Jenkins. Mr. Jenkins is running unopposed.

Second district voters will have the opportunity to elect a new county commissioner. The two candidates are:
Austin Shaver
William Jenkins

Six of the ten Loudon County Board Of Education seats will be up for grabs in August. BOE seats run on staggered terms. Meaning in August the odd numbered districts, 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th will be on the ballot. The even numbered, 2nd, 4th, 6th, districts will not be up for reelection till 2010.

The 1st district which includes the City of Loudon and some surrounding areas has two board members or seat "A" and seat "B".

Currently, seat "A" is held by Bill Marcus. Mr. Marcus is being challenged by Wendy Baustain. Seat "B" is held by Scott Newman. Mr. Newman is running unopposed.

The 3rd district, which includes Greenback and most of the area south of the Tennessee River, has one board member. The seat is currently held by Larry Bass. Mr. Bass is being challenged by Lisa Russell.

Like the 1st district, the 5th district has two board members, seat "A" and seat "B". Seat "A" is currently held by Freddie Gene Walker. Mr. Walker has two challengers. Gary Ubbin and Chris Clabough. Seat "B" is currently held by June Klinstiver. Ms. Klinstiver is being challenged by me, Van Shaver.

The 7th district, which is the Tellico Village area, has one board member. The seat is currently held by Nancy Paule. Ms. Paule is being challenged by Craig Simon.

There will also be two questions on the August ballot. Lenoir City residents will have the opportunity to vote on two changes to the Lenoir City Charter. Question 1 will be to change the City Treasurer/Recorder from an elected position to a position appointed by city council. Question 2 would change the charter to allow council to make emergency purchases.

Question 1
Do you approve of amendment 1 to the Charter of the City of Lenoir City, Tennessee, proposed in Section 1 of Ordinance No. 2008-05-26-1815-A, which changes the position of Recorder/Treasurer from a popularly elected position with a four-year term to a position appointed by and serving at the pleasure of the City Council?

________YES For The Amendment

_________NO For The Amendment

Question 2
Do you approve of Amendment 2 to the Charter of the City of Lenoir City, Tennessee, proposed in Section 2 of Ordinance No. 2008-05-26-1815-A, which allows the passage of ordinances in emergencies affecting the health, safety, and welfare of citizens without the normal minimum of seven days between readings?

________YES For The Amendment

_________NO For The Amendment

On the county wide ballot, voters will get to vote for or against a $50 wheel tax.

Motor Vehicle Privilege Tax

Shall a Wheel Tax be Implemented in the Amount of $50.00 Dollars Per Vehicle with the Proceeds to be Designated as Capital Projects for Loudon County and Lenoir City School Systems.



The state primary will include U.S. Senate, US House, 21 State Legislative, and 32 State Legislative Districts.

There are a number of very important matters coming up in the August election. Election day is August 7th. Early voting July 18th-August 2nd at the Roane State Career Center and the election commission office in the county building. Last day to register to vote will be July 8th.

All candidates are invited to send their information to be included here.