At Long Last

To the unknowing eye, this might look like just another hole that's been dug in a road. But those of us who live and travel through the Hwy.11, Ford Road and Muddy Creek Road intersection it's Christmas Day, New Years Day and a birthday all rolled into one. This is the beginning of the long awaited improvements at that intersection.

Utility crews began work last week relocating underground utilities before the actual intersection construction begins. No official announcement has yet come from TDOT as to when the project should be completed but the project is underway.

I'm sure we're going to have some inconveniences as the project develops but when it's done, it will all be worth it.

The improvements will include red lights and turn lanes on all four approaches much like the Shaw Ferry Road and Hwy. 11 improvements a few years ago.

Below is a copy of the planed intersection improvements. I added the landmarks on each corner for reference.

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