Zehner Sues Commission

Former Loudon County Administrator Of Elections, Dana Zehner, has filed a law suit against the Loudon County Election Commission. Zehner is not only asking for her job back, she is also asking for $500,000.00 in compensatory damages.

In her suit, Zehner accuses the three republican members of the election commission of having a secret meeting and decided to terminate her because she is a democrat in order to hire a republican to replace her.

Back in April, Ms. Zenher was terminated by the election commission by a 3-2 vote with all three republican members of the commission voting for the termination. The two democrats voted to retain Zehner.

Across the state many of the County Administrator Of Elections have been replaced since the change of power in the state legislature from democrat to republican.

Ms. Zehner is being represented by Blackburn and McCune law firm in Nashville. The same firm is also representing at least seven other former or soon to be former election coordinators across the state. Named defendants are Republican Party appointees to the county election commissions in Rutherford and Cannon counties as well as DeKalb, Henry, Loudon, Putnam, Rhea and Weakley counties.

According to the Rutherford County News, the law firm was expected to also file a federal lawsuit yesterday on behalf of the same county election coordinators. A quick google search shows that members of the Blackburn and McCune law firm in Nashville have been large contributors to a number of democratic political campaigns including Obama.

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