Your Information Is Needed

The day of political candidates depending on being elected on their name recognition or popularity is just about a thing of the past. Voters are more educated and informed than ever before mostly due to the internet. Voters have at their finger tips the ability to do their own research about any particular candidate and make their decisions on that information.

Obviously, not every candidate has the funds or the ability to create their own web site to get their information out on the internet. Fortunately they don't have to.

Any candidate who would like to get their information out to the voters can do it here. Just write up whatever information, your bio, background, experience etc. and send it to me. You may include a picture if you like. I will attach your information to your name on the "Meet The Candidates" page and it wont cost you a thing. Just write it up in an email or an attachment and send it to my email address:

If you have a web site, I will be glad to link it up too.

An informed voter is a better voter. Give them the information they are looking for.