Your Help Would Be Appreciated

We are currently planning a benefit for the family of Fran and Todd Hawley on Saturday, October 25, 2008.  The Hawley's are a family in the Greenback community who has always been one of the first to help others in any way needed and we want to now return the favor during the trials they are going through.
The reason for the benefit is to help them with day-to-day expenses as well as many medical bills they have an will be receiving in the future for both Fran and Todd.  She, first, was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago.  She has been undergoing test as well as attempting chemotherapy which caused heart failure as well as the usual sickness most experience with chemo.  She recently traveled to Cincinnati to have a surgery planned to help her along with the chemo she had taken.  They found the cancer to be more widespread than expected and did not go further with the surgery.  They advised her to undergo more chemotherapy and then return to Cincinnati for re-evaluation.
Approximately one month ago, Todd was also diagnosed with cancer.  His was in the form of a tumor on his brain.  They, thankfully, were able to remove the tumor but tests came back showing it was Stage 3 cancer.  He will undergo chemo and radiation beginning in October.
Fran and Todd have three lovely girls who attend Greenback School.  The youngest is in the sixth grade, one is a Freshman, and the oldest is a Junior.
As mentioned before, we are planning a benefit to help them, hopefully in numerous ways.  We will be having an auction, a silent auction, bake sales, games, singing, as well as numerous other activities.  If you can make a donation in any way, it will be greatly appreciated.  We will need items for the auctions, food, drinks, tents, things to be used as prizes for the children to name a few.  Money can be used to purchase those items needed that day that are not donated.  There is an account set up for them at People's Bank of East Tennessee.  Any checks to be added to this account can be made out to Pine Grove Church and be sure to put "Hawley Family" on the memo line.  These can be mailed to People's Bank, P.O. Box 38, Greenback, TN 37742 or taken to the bank.
If you have any questions, please call Sandy Scott at 865-856-4356 or 865-856-7000.  Please send any donations to be used for the benefit to: Sandy Scott, 325 Craig's Chapel Road, Greenback, TN 37742.  Again, any donation will be greatly appreciated.
Sincerely, Sandy Scott