You Can Vote For Three
But Single Shot Me

The Lenoir city council race should prove to be a dandy. Eight candidates running for three seats. Kind of like musical chairs. Somebody's not going to get a seat.

The council race is a nonpartisan "at large" election meaning the top three vote getters win. That opens the race for a unique circumstance not found in designated seat races. When a voter goes to the polls, they the option to vote for any three of the eight candidates but what some candidates have learned to do is ask the voters to "single shot" them. That means the voter would only vote for one candidate instead of three. What this does is triple the value of that one vote in other words, that one vote really equals three.

Single shot voting is not illegal but any candidate who would ask a voter to single shot shows that they are probably more concerned in their own interest than the interest of the city.  

The Lenoir City Board Of Education election is also a nonpartisan "at large" election susceptible to the single shot strategy.