You Can Fight City Hall

We've all heard that old saying, "You Can't Fight City Hall." That might apply to a lot of people but thankfully not everyone.

Whether you like her or dislike her, agree with her or disagree with her, nobody can say that local political activist, Pat Hunter, hasn't fought city hall, i.e. local government. For years now, Ms. Hunter has unwaveringly stood up to all our local governments when she saw issues that she felt were wrong. Pat doesn't just write a letter to the editor or stand up and complain to local officials, once she sets her sights on an issue she will take it to the mat, many times to the disdain of some local officials.

Pat's most recent conquest was to reverse the actions of our local community channel's policy not to include the airing of public comments during televised meetings of local governments. Apparently TV 3 station manager, Jim Fella, had made the decision not to air the publics comments. Pat saw this as a form of censorship by an organization that is financially supported by the public. When the dust had settled and the facts were actually laid on the table, there was actually no policy but just a decision by Mr. Fella and according to Mr. Fella, Doyle Arp, not to include the public's comments in the aired meetings. The TV 3 board has now adopted a policy that public comments will be included with the aired meetings.

And who can forget when county mayor, Doyle Arp, decided he was going to stop the public from viewing public records. It was Ms. Hunter who took Arp to court and beat him. If you have ever requested a public record from the county office and got it, you can thank Pat Hunter. The list goes on and on. 

Hardly a county or city meeting goes by without Pay Hunter sitting in the front row with her camera rolling which by itself can act as a deterrent for some elected officials to do or say things they shouldn't. You could find yourself on her web site

Having been in elected office for a number of years now, I have found myself in agreement and disagreement with some of Pat's positions. But the one thing no one can question is her dedication to the cause(s). Ms. Hunter is performing a valuable public service for so many. Just imagine if we had 100 Pat Hunters.