Almost fifteen years ago, in a bizarre ruling, the TN Supreme Court ruled that our state Constitution provided a fundamental right to abortion. In so doing, the court struck down essentially every abortion related law in the state, making TN one of the most liberal states in the nation for abortion.

Since that time, the pro-life community has been working to pass a Constitutional amendment that would make our state's Constitution "neutral" on the issue, so that our legislators could begin to replace some of the common sense laws struck down by the justice's ruling.

These laws include things like requiring an abortion clinic to maintain basic health standards - currently nail salons have to meet more stringent guidelines. They also include things like informed consent, parental consent and 48 hour waiting periods before undergoing an abortion. Be informed. YesOn1 does NOT outlaw abortion, as some on the left would have you believe. It only allows the state to regulate the industry as it does other "health care" providers.

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