Who's In Charge?

That question may finally be put to rest at tonight's Lenoir City Council meeting. Item number one on the agenda will be a discussion to return the court clerks position back to the treasurer/recorder's control.

Back in May of 2008, Lenoir City Judge, terry Vann, convinced the council to give him control of the city court clerk's position. This was of course a violation of the city charter. Fast forward to the 2008 November election. Treasurer/Recorder candidate Bobby Johnson Jr. made clear his plans to retake control of the court clerks position after the election.

After being elected as the treasurer/recorder, Johnson requested a legal opinion from MTAS, The Municipal Technical Advisory Service, to render an opinion as to who should control the court clerk's position. MTAS stated that the treasurer/recorder was the city court clerk.

This did not satisfy Judge Vann. Johnson then asked for a state attorney general opinion on the matter. Surprise, surprise, the attorney general also said the treasurer/recorder was the court clerk.

Apparently, council is now prepared to right the wrong from last year. A vote is expected on the matter.