It's Who You Know?

Anderson County Mayor Indicted, Resigns

width:362 and height: 466 and picwidth: 186 and pciheight: 239Anderson County Mayor Rex Lynch was indicted in connection to investigations about the improper sale of his pickup truck to county government and six other vehicle sales.

Lynch, 46, resigned from office on Wednesday and apologized to the people of Anderson County as he left the jail. He turned himself in and was booked on a $25,000 bond.

The indictment also accuses Lynch of reporting a false amount for the purchases of six other vehicles. Each of those purchases resulted in a charge of sales tax fraud.


Former Loudon County Mayor Not Guilty

Former Loudon County Mayor Doyle Arp may have violated state law when he reduced tax assessments on properties owned by developer Mike Ross and then destroyed the records, but he won't face prosecution, according to a special investigator assigned to the case.

Although prosecution will not be forthcoming, the special investigator's investigation did not exonerate Arp for reducing the assessed value of hundreds of lots owned by Mike Ross at Rarity Bay and Rarity Pointe by as much as $11 million or for the destruction of public records associated with the reductions.

So the Anderson County Mayor sold a truck to the county and lied about how much he paid for several vehicles and he's indicted?

Former Loudon County Mayor, Doyle Arp, illegally reduces $11,000,000.00 in property appraisals costing the county hundreds of thousands of dollars, orders county documents destroyed but no prosecution?

Boy, if I were the Anderson County Mayor, I'd be ticked.