Who To Vote For?

54 candidates running for 18 seats. Loudon County has never seen that many candidates. Voters have a lot of choices in the upcoming elections. How do we decide who to vote for?

While our democratic form of elections is by far the best in the world, it's not without at least one flaw. It doesn't always assure that the most qualified candidates are elected. Take Barak Obama for example. In many cases candidates are elected on popularity or name reorganization or who can talk the best talk. Not necessarly qualifications.We have seen first hand locally what a disaster it can be when unqualified people are elected to office. So what do we do? How do we know who to vote for, who has what qualifications?

Pretty much, running for office is like applying for a job. A job applicant would submit their resume to the boss, the boss would interview the applicant and based on the qualifications and other attributes of the applicant the boss would decide if the applicant is the right person for the job.

Elections should work the same way. The candidate put's their resume before the boss, in this case 30,000 voters, and the voters will decide who is the most qualified for the job.

It's up to the voters to educate themselves about the candidates running for each office. There are a number of ways to find out about the candidates. Here on my web site, many of the candidates have posted their web sites or information about themselves. Click here for Meet The Candidates. Unfortunately some have not provided any information about themselves or their candidacy. You can contact any of the candidates to ask them about their background and experience for the job they seek. The main thing is to find out who's right for the job.

Last year when I had heart surgery I had so many friends and family members show me so much support and encouragement. Everyone was so kind and helpful. But as much as I appreciated their support, when it came time to have the surgery I didn't ask a single one of them to perform the surgery. Instead I chose to have a qualified, experienced heart surgeon do the work.

Learn the candidates, know the candidates, vote for the candidates with the qualifications and experience for the job.