What Part Of No Don't You Understand

It's the same stupid stuff every time. The developer comes to the commission wanting some kind of rezone for their big development. Not so they can make money, oh no, but to help us poor ignorant back woods bumpkins. They just want to lead us into the promised land, to bring us out of the dark ages into the twenty-first century. To end poverty and detestation, eliminate unemployment and to bring educational opportunities to our poor, impoverished, starving children. How could we possibility reject their once in a life time opportunity. Give me a break. I am so sick of these arrogant developers and their condescending attitudes.

The most recent example of just this kind of ignorance is still unfolding. The property owner, the developer and the realtor have made their pitch. They want to build a large development in an entirely inappropriate area of the county. No water service, no sewer, no cable, narrow winding road and so on. The Loudon County Planning Commission unanimously rejected the proposal. The Loudon County Commission heard the proposal at a workshop and obviously didn't care for the plan. Mysteriously the same proposal, slightly altered, came back to the Planning commission a month later and was again unanimously rejected at which point the requestors popped their corks and pitched a hissy fit to no avail. Monday night the matter again came before the county commission where it was again rejected. The final vote which should end the issue will be on March 5th.

While the meetings have been pretty contentious, it got even better in the hall after the meeting when the developer confronted Russ Newman. Below are several video clips of the altercation. They're kind of fun to watch. It's a real insight to the mind set of developers.
In the right corner, the man in yellow is James Christopher, the developer. In the left corner is our very own Russ Newman.

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