What Is That?

If you haven't yet, at some point you will see one of these little aliens sitting on top of your water meter lid. So what is it?

LCUB has undertaken the process of fitting our water meters with electronic readers. The little bump on top of the lid is the sending device that transmits your water meter reading to the LCUB office.

If you raise the lid and look in you will see the real brains of the unit. The small reading/sending unit has a Lithium  battery that's suppose to last ten years.

The new electronic water meters will not only eliminate the need for a human reader to check every meter but will also allow leaks to be detected much quicker.

Now if you're thinking, I'll just cut the wires and get free water? Nope, the little units will send a signal back to the office to let them know it's malfunctioned.

So when you see the bump on your meter lid you'll know what you've got.