What If Nobody Runs?

This may very well be the question that has to be answered if something doesn't change pretty quickly. Not only is there a presidential election in November, a Lenoir City election and an election in Greenback, but there will also be an election in the town of Philadelphia. Problem is, as of Monday no one has picked up a petition to run for any of the five offices. The city of Philadelphia, population 533, has four aldermen and a mayor.

According to Loudon County Election Commissioner, Dana Zhaner, even if no one files to run for any of the offices, the incumbents would retain their offices until replacements are elected or appointed to take their places. The current mayor is Robbie Waddell, the four aldermen are Terrie Waddell, Travis gray, Chris Miller and Scotty Akins.

Anyone wishing to run for office in Philadelphia has until twelve noon, this Thursday August 21st. to file their petition with the required twenty-five signatures to qualify for the election.