What Happened To Shaw Ferry
And Hwy. 11

On May 2, 2005, Loudon County Commission voted to appropriate the required 20% match, up to $144,000.00 in funding to realign and make necessary improvements to the intersection of Shaw Ferry Road and Hwy. 11. The state's engineering study estimated the cost of the project at $720,000.00. Click here for Cost Data Information. (PDF)

The county had received certain assurances from the Tennessee Department Of Transportation, TDOT, that if the county would appropriate the required 20% match, TDOT would appropriate the other necessary funds to fix the intersection. The improvements would include left turn lanes on all four approaches, line of site improvements and red lights.

Going on three years after the fact, no improvements have yet been made to the intersection. So what's the hold up? The intersection of Shaw Ferry and Hwy. 11 is undoubtedly one of, if not the most dangerous intersections in the county. While there may be other intersections the are inconvenient, Shaw Ferry and 11 is deadly. The intersection has seen countless serious accidents and at least two fatalities in the last few years.

The county has upheld it's part of the bargain. It's time for the state to uphold theirs. Contact your state and local officials and demand that the improvements be completed before another senseless death occurs.

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