What's She Want?

After Monday's update on Lisa Niles lawsuit against the Loudon County tax payers, I heard from a number of you who aren't very happy with her for the actions she's taken. I couldn't agree with you more but your concerns might be better directed to her. She's the one who has created this mess.

A couple of you did have a good question though, what is Ms. Niles actually wanting? I hadn't really thought about it, but myself and other outlets have reported that she is suing the county for more than a quarter million dollars but we haven't really given a good breakdown of what she is wanting the money for. I'll try to break it down.

In the law suit, Ms. Niles is demanding raises for her 14 employees ranging from $10,200.00 down to $612.00 for a total of $66,332.00.

She is also asking for 6 new full time employees at a starting salary of $31,000.00 for a total of $186,000.00.

She is also asking for 4 new part time employees at a total cost of $50,490.00

14 Raises $66,332.00
6 New Full Time $186,000.00
4 New Part Time $50,490.00
Total Increase $302,822.00

On top of this we have to add 17.3% for Social Security, Medicare and retirement costs that increase with wages. That would be another $52,388.00. On top of that will be all legal fees generated by Ms. Niles suit. Currently, that number is estimated at around $25,000.00. Bear in mind that none of this includes any estimate on additional health insurance costs for new employees. That could be as much as another $65,000.00 to $70,000.00.

SS, Med, Ret  $52,388.00
Legal Fees $25,000.00
Total Costs $380,210.00

If Ms. Niles is successful in her court fight against the citizens, it would require at least a three to four cent property tax increase to meet her demands.

Here's the big story. This would just settle her current 2014-2015 budget dispute which ends June 31st this year. She has already submitted her 2015-2016 budget request which asks for even more money next fiscal year. She is asking for another $37,000.00 increase in the 2015-2016 budget. And I'm sure if she doesn't get what she wants in the next budget, she'll just sue the tax payers again.

Monday, the commission will have a special called meeting to consider a proposal to settle Ms. Niles law suit. I'm sure we will be asked approve some amount less than the suit is demanding but still a large increase. Isn't that how the game is played?

I'll be honest, I don't know what you do when you have an elected official that's just totally out of control and seemingly has no regard for the citizens she is suppose to be representing. I just hope we can financially survive her for three more years.