Wet weather hurting business at unique Lenoir City Halloween attraction
SHELBY MILLER-6 News Reporter

LENOIR CITY (WATE) - After having the driest September on record, so far during the month of October, we've had days upon days of heavy rain.

For many fall businesses including Zombie Hunters Paintball in Lenoir City, the dreary weather is cause for worry as it's keeping them from opening their doors.

The Halloween attraction is only open for 12 days a year, and so far, they've already been rained out three of their first four business days.

It's causing the owners to worry about how they'll make up for lost revenue.

Corn fields at Zombie Hunters Paintball still sit wet with water after heavy rainfall Sunday evening. This sight is a familiar one the businesses owners are sick and tired of seeing.

"I'm happy with everything else, everything else seems to be coming together well, but when it comes to the weather, there's nothing you can do about it and that hurts really bad," said owner Ray Linginfelter.

This is the first full fall season for the unique halloween attraction. It's already stripped the couple of start up cash and months of time to prepare, but now, the main issue is dealing with the weather thrown at them by Mother Nature.

"Wash out. I mean, it's been muddy and we really have to take into consideration the safety of our customers coming out here. If it's muddy, it's just not safe to have a bunch of people on a wagon," said owner Jessica Linginfelter.

The rain gets the fields muddy, making it tough for the trucks and trailers to get through. They've rerouted some of the trails, but were still forced to close three out of the first four days while paying 30 hourly employees.

"It's really hurt because we want to stay open an extra hour to see, but if we're not having the business, we can't afford to pay our employees just to stay out here," said Jessica Linginfelter.

Despite the setback, they're staying hopeful and crossing their fingers Mother Nature blesses East Tennessee with better weather these next few weeks.

"That's so sad just because of all the efforts that were put into it, but I don't want to take it out of God's hands. Who knows? We may be flooded with beautiful days and beautiful nights and people will want to come out here and shoot some zombies," said Jessica.

The owners of Zombie Hunters Paintball say the next two weekends are the business's biggest weekends of the season.

After the weather they've had so far, they're hoping it stays dry to help make up for the business they've lost so far.