We Need More Liquor Part II

Well, it's official. liquor stores for Lenoir City and Loudon will be on the ballot for the November election. Seems the three amigos got the needed signatures to have the referendum placed on the ballot. While I am totally opposed to the sale and consumption of alcohol, I am always in favor making decisions democratically through elections. This is the American way. What becomes important now, is for the voters to be educated about the real motives behind the push to bring liquor stores to our cities. The lords of liquor have hired themselves a PR firm to try to spin the issue their way. I hope the voters will not fall for their slick talk and misinformation.

I'll even help them. They are going to tell us just how much tax revenue the cities are loosing to Knox County and how foolish it is to just give away all that money. They will never mention how much money they plan to make off the misery of others. All three of these individuals are financially comfortable people. Just how much money do they need? Why not use this for a campaign slogan. I Ed Bell, Barry Gordon and John Tuck want to make a lot of money off you people. We need your help to do this. Please vote for liquor stores on November 7th.

As I promised below are links to the petitions to place the matter before the voters. An "X" beside the name indicates that that signature was disqualified for one reason or the other. A "check mark" beside the name indicates the signature is a qualified resident and voter of the city. I have already heard complaints that some were mislead into signing the petition. Not surprising.

I was initially puzzled that none of the three lords of liquor had even signed their own petition. Then it dawned on me. None of them live in either of the cities where they want to bring the liquor stores. So that's nice. They don't want to live in the cities, they just want to sell liquor there.

As the law is written, the cities have the authority to limit the number of liquor stores within the city limits. What you want to bet, our boys will lobby the city councils to limit the number of liquor stores to however many they have. What a deal.

There are some notable names on the Lenoir City liquor list.

City Council candidates Stephanie Sharp and Allen Williams.

Former interim LC police chief Gillis Morgan and detective Jonathan Sartin, LC city administrator Dale Hurst and several other city hall employees.

Former Mayor Charlie Eblen and wife. Former Sheriff and part time Election Commission official, Joe Sims.

Newly elected DA, Russ Johnson's pick for public defender Lee Ledbetter and husband.

LC Planning Commission member Shirley Reno.

Loudon County Sheriff's secretary, Frankie Shields.

And several of our local town drunks.


(These files are fairly large PDF and may take a few seconds to completely down load.)

Lenoir City Liquor Petition Loudon Liquor Petition