I met one person in particular who left a lasting impression on me. This guy just shines so brightly for Christ; itís very evident that he is in love with the Lord. I mean, he really, really loves Him! Oh, you could see it so clearly in his actions and his talk. And it encouraged me more than words can say. It was actually a very personal experience for me. It was like God was allowing me to see a glimpse of what a man of God should be like. There are so many tiny details that I canít even begin to write them all, but I will say that Iím so thankful for that experience. So thankful. Maybe you canít relate to what Iím trying to describe, but let me tell you, it was absolutely incredible! It was as if the Lord was saying, ďLook, Brittany, do you see that Godly man? Are you paying attention to him? Are you hearing what he has to say and watching how he acts? Okay, good, because the man I have for you is going to be like that. Yes, the one I have for you is going to be a man of God. Remember, I told you to trust Me. I know not only your needs but also your deepest desires. The man I have for you will love you in such a way that you will know itís Me loving you through him. Canít you see how itís going to be worth it? Just continue waiting and trusting in Me. Iím not going to let you down.Ē I was so excited that I called my mom to tell her about itÖhow I was able to see a clearer picture of what a man of God looks like. It was like the Lord opened up my eyes, and I was no longer blind. I mean, Iíve always had an idea about what I thought my future husband should look like Ė and being a man of God is definitely number one on my list. But I was so disillusioned by the past, and this was absolutely one of those defining moments for me. It also confirmed everything that the Lordís been doing in my heart about not dating for the sake of dating. I want to wait for the man that God has for me. I know itís going to be worth it.   

That encounter also made me take a deeper look at myself and ask if Iím that woman of God. Because Iím going to have to be a woman of God in order to have a man of God. I want to be the virtuous woman described in Proverbs 31. When my future husband sees me for the first time, will his heart leap for joy because he sees how much I love the Lord? Will he smile and rejoice as he sees me trying to serve Him? Proverbs 31:30 says that ďCharm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.Ē Oh, I want to be that woman!