Jennifer Wampler In! Lynn Mills Out?

Both Lenoir City and Loudon city councils had eventful meetings Monday night.

Lenoir City council and other elected officials were sworn in for new terms after the November elections. Council also appointed Jennifer Wampler to fill the vacancy on council left by the death of her husband, Harry Wampler who passed away just before the election but was re-elected.

Lenoir City council has a long history of appointing family members to fill office at the death of a council member.

Ms. Wampler's appointment will be till the next city election in 2018.

Down in Loudon, that council meeting wasn't quite as festive.

Council members debated the ongoing employment of Loudon City/LUB manager, Lynn Mills. Mills had previously stated that he would be retiring at the end of this year. But apparently had changed his mind and wanted to stay on through next year or longer.

Ultimately, council voted 4-1 to to have the city attorney work with Mills to reach a severance agreement and report back at their December meeting. Lynn Milsaps was the only dissenting vote.