Walmart gun assault suspect apprehended at Lenoir City residence
A woman who allegedly wielded a gun at patrons in the parking lot of a Walmart last week was tracked to a Lenoir City residence by Maryville Police.

Kimberly Garrett Phelps, 46, was arrested by Maryville Police Friday on two charges of aggravated assault. Maryville Police Chief Tony Crisp said Phelps was arrested at a residence in Lenoir City, though the residence in question did not belong to Phelps.

The incident which led to Phelps’ arrest occurred Dec. 29 at Walmart, 2410 U.S. Highway 411. According to police reports, the woman later identified as Phelps had a verbal altercation with a 33-year-old Maryville man inside the store. The man told police that the woman — whom he described as a “short blonde woman with a tattoo somewhere on the left side of her body” — accused him of bumping into one of her daughters. A store employee told police he heard the woman yell, “Let’s take it outside.”

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At that point, the argument appeared to end. But sometime later, as the man walked back to his car with his 22-year-old companion, the woman drove up in a black Toyota SUV, and pulled out a handgun, waving it in the direction of the man and his friend. Witnesses said she yelled, “I don’t call the cops; I take care of my own problems,” before speeding off in the SUV.
But witnesses were also able to get a tag number on the SUV. And police were able to track the SUV, and Phelps, to the Lenoir City address, where she was arrested without incident.
Crisp said police still aren’t sure what might have caused the outburst at the store’s parking lot.
Phelps was released Friday on a $5,000 bond.