Itís fair to look at an elected officialís accomplishments as a measure of that personís ability to work with others and get things done for the people they represent.


I served on county commission from 2002 to 2006 and 2014-2018. During that time I was fortunate enough to be part of some great improvements for the county residents.  Some of these improvements include: 

  • Built the new Convenience Center in Greenback and vastly expanded and improved the operations at both the Lenoir City and Loudon Centers.  

  • Built the new Senior Citizens Center in Loudon that provides many services for all Loudon County senior citizens.  

  • Built a new Health Department needing less than half the funding from local revenues with the rest coming from grants.

  • Relocated the Loudon Library from it's very small room in the county building to the precious health department building tripling its space.

  • In the next few weeks, we will be breaking ground on a fiftenn million dollar addition to the Loudon County jail to improve officer safety and alleviate overcrowding.  This is without a tax increase.

These are just a few of the tangible improvements I was able to be a part of while on commission and as important as these are, I am far prouder of my time on commission for reducing spending and never voting for any tax increases. 

I served on the Loudon County School Board from 2008 to 2012. During this time I am proud to have been part of probably one of the most historical times for the school board.  

The board developed and implemented a building program that ultimately led to the construction of two new, state of the art schools. The new K-12 school in Greenback to replace the ages-old school and a middle school in Loudon to finally alleviate the overcrowding issues that had required many students to attend school in tailors. 

Just like my time on commission, I am proud of the new school buildings we built, but I am even prouder that my last three years on the board when we maintained the budget that we did not have to ask for any additional funding for operations and we actually reduced spending. 

These are just a few of the accomplishments I have had the honor of being a small part of as your representative in the past.  


I respectfully request your vote and support!

..Elect Van Shaver - 5th District Loudon County Commission