My Opponent
About My Opponent

Normally, you wouldn’t discuss an opponent in campaign material but in this case it’s imperative.

My opponent in the primary is Sharon Yarbrough. Ms Yarbrough previously served on commission. While in office, she suggested

  • Implementing a Wheel Tax,

  • Raising the sales tax and voted for a twenty-cent property tax increase,

  • In 2014 when commission voted to reduce property taxes, she voted against reducing property tax,

  • Maybe worst of all, she voted to cut funding to the Loudon County Rescue Squad.

Ms. Yarbrough’s positions and votes stand in stark contrast to my positions and votes. We can’t afford a commissioner like Ms. Yarbrough.

Currently, Ms. Yarbrough’s husband, Dr. Professor Gary Ubben, serves on the Loudon County School Board. He is well known for supporting tax increases and spending increases.

With him on the school board and her on the county commission, taxpayers could be hit with a one, two punch of higher taxes.

If Ms. Yarbrough were to get back on county commission, there’s no reason to believe she would be any different than she was the last time. Politicians rarely change their stripes.



I respectfully request your vote and support!

..Elect Van Shaver - 2018 5th District Loudon County Commission