Wheel Tax Talk

At the June 2nd commission meeting, commissioners voted to place a $50 wheel tax on the August ballot. Commissioners took the usual cover for their vote stating that they were simply giving the voters the opportunity to decide if they want higher taxes. If commissioners had been paying attention back in February, they surely got the message from Loudon County voters when they rejected a half cent sales tax increase by a margin of two to one. Apparently they didn't get the message then, but they will get the message in August.  

Forget about $50. If the wheel tax passes, we will be paying $74, ($50 + $24) every time we register a vehicle in Loudon County and every year when we renew our tags. That includes cars, trucks, motorcycles, RV's or any other vehicle that must legally be registered. For myself, that would be an extra $400.00 per year. That's just crazy.

Hopefully, the voters of Loudon County will continue to say no to new and higher taxes and yes to responsible government. Below is a sample ballot as it will appear in the August election

Motor Vehicle Privilege Tax

Shall a Wheel Tax be Implemented in the Amount of $50.00 Dollars Per Vehicle with the Proceeds to be Designated as Capital Projects for Loudon County and Lenoir City School Systems.