Vote For James Brandon

I'm James Brandon I'm running for City Council Lenoir city. I have lived here for over forty years. I want to work for all the people of Lenoir City and not just a few.

I'm against higher taxes an rate increases on already high rates for utilities. We all need to take a look at the cost and try to keep them down. Most people are having a real hard time making ends meet. People on fixed incomes, social security and who are out of work are struggling from month to month trying to live. This would have been a good time to try to not  pass  the TVA increase on to the rate payers. I no the rates are high and getting higher every time we turn around. But we all need to tighten our belts.

I know we all would like to see a new City Hall building, but not if it means raising taxes on the people who are already paying more than they can pay, I think we need to take some more time to let things pick back up before building buildings and raising taxes. We can make it with what we got  until things get back to where we can all live and afford to get by.

I will work for the people to hold down taxes and rate increases on our utilities. I want to be your voice in city government. Vote for me James Brandon.

Early Voting starts October13, Election day is November 2 . Go Vote if you want a change, vote for a  change.

Thank you for your Vote .