Vote For Christopher Thomas

About me and my family:

Iíve been fortunate to have lived in Lenoir City for over 10 years now with my wife Jennifer.  We have two children: a daughter, Carrie, who will be six in July and attends Kindergarten at Eaton Elementary and a son, Richard, who is three and begins preschool in the fall.  Currently, Jennifer is a stay-at-home mom and spends time as a volunteer counselor at Hope Resource Center.  As a family, we attend Covenant Ministry Center on Martel Road.

My chosen profession is banking.  Iíve been in banking for 12 years and served in managerial roles for the majority of that time.  I am currently a bank manager in Loudon.  In addition to working for a local business, I am involved in other local organizations that support the community.

  • I am the current President of the Loudon Rotary Club

  • I serve on the Loudon County Advisory Board for the Hope Resource Center.

  • I am a member of the Loudon County Chamber of Commerce.

  • I am a Loudon County Gideon.

My Background:

I grew up in Knoxville, Lenoir City, Crossville and Kingston.  I moved around a lot as a child and throughout grades K-12.  I joined the National Guard the day I turned 18, because I wanted to serve my community and country.  I graduated in 1997 from Cumberland County High School. 

In 2004, I was activated through the guard and spent the next 18 months away from home serving in Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom III.  I had many jobs in Iraq and completed over 100 combat and logistical missions.  During that time my daughter was born.  I returned home with a new perspective on life.  It was important for me to work close to home and be involved with the local community.  I served in the military to preserve our way of life which for me was to be a servant, thatís what I was called to do.  I have now chosen to serve people in all aspects of my life. 

Why Iím running for School Board:

Bring the focus back on education. There is so much more to a childís education besides basic reading, writing and arithmetic. Children today are trying to learn in environments most of us never dreamed of.  Home life is often more hectic. The criteria for a kindergartner would probably have been 2nd grade material 20 years ago. 

Schools need more resources today than ever before. Children today have emotional and psychological issues that need specialized care. I see cuts and more cuts being made and all I hear about is wasted tax dollars. I donít know of anything more crucial to the communities we live in than investing in education. As a leader in the business community, I see and feel the impact of our current focus on education.  I know what a little more focus could bring. 

Potential businesses look at school systems when they determine where to locate.  Every citizen is directly impacted by our school system; everything from your cashier at your local grocery store to the doctors at our hospital.  A genuine focus on education will bring more money to the county than could be spent on it.  As a board member I want to be a proponent of education and advocate for it the right way, not to argue about every expense. 

Support education. That is what I can promise to do. We as a community need to tell our county officials why we need funding and local support for education. If Iím elected I can help show you, the citizens of Loudon County, why education should be important to you, too.