Misfits and deviants who voted for Obama will rue the day

vindy.com-There has been a lot of talk about how Republicans need to change their ideology in order to reach out to Democrat voters. First, it should be understood that Romney lost the popular vote because staunch conservatives stayed home in protest on Election Day, not because Republicans took the wrong stance on women and Hispanics issues.

Todayís Democratic Party, the one that re-elected Obama, is comprised primarily of the following misfits and deviants: 1) bloodthirsty, predatory women who want the right to slaughter their preborn children at will; 2) Single women who want unbridled sex and government provided birth control; 3) homosexuals who want preferential treatment and acceptance of their immoral lifestyle; 4) dependent minorities who want their welfare checks, food stamps, Obama phones, etc.; 5) simple-minded union pawns who havenít a clue and even less drive and ambition; and 6) atheists and secularists who want God removed from all aspects of government and society.

Iíve got breaking news for everyone: We donít want these people. They are not people who can endure and survive the economic and societal collapse that is coming, one they just ensured through their votes for Obama. They are incapable of sustaining themselves after the collapse, and they will only be a burden on us as we set out to rebuild the nation.

In the aftermath, abortion will not save them. Birth control will not save them. Welfare will not save them. Sex will not save them. And a refusal or inability to think and act certainly will not save them. God could save them, but I doubt He will. I know that we wonít save them, and right now we donít want them or need them.

Joseph K. Waltenbaugh, New Castle, Pa.