Village POA cuts workforce


Tellico Village Property Owners Association announced Monday that it began a restructuring process that includes the reduction of 10 people from its full-time workforce.

"While we have maintained success and stability during this challenging economic time, we must continue to focus on the operational excellence of our various departments in order that we maximize value for our homeowners," Winston Blazer, general manager, said.

The 10 employees will receive benefits options along with outplacement and career transition assistance.

"We appreciate the many contributions of these employees toward the success of Tellico Village and will do all that we can to assist them during this transition," Blazer said.

"We greatly appreciate the loyalty of our property owners over the years, and we need to continuously improve our ability to provide for needs today and tomorrow," Blazer said. "With or without the recent recession, the management of Tellico Village realizes the importance of building an organization that is consistent with our members-first values."

Tellico Village is a planned Cooper Community established in 1986 that encompasses nearly 5,000 acres along Tellico Lake. More than 7,000 residents call the community home.