Village Bailout ?

You may remember, last year there was the story about the county delinquent tax sale. One of the big issues was the high number of Tellico Village properties that were to be included in the sale. I think it was a couple hundred or so. Ultimately, county commission voted to pull the delinquent village properties from the sale till a later date. Here's why.

If the county put the delinquent village properties up for sale and any or all of them didn't sale, then they become the county's properties. At that time, the county would then be responsible for paying the POA (Property Owner's Association) fees. That's around a hundred bucks per month per lot. That's a lot of tax payer money.

Let's just say there are approximately 300 delinquent village properties and let's say that none of them sold at the county auction. That would mean that the county/tax payer then owns them and the county/tax payer would be responsible for the nearly one hundred dollar per month per lot POA fees. You can do the math. That's about $360,000.00 per year the county/tax payer would be responsible for.

Sadly, the numbers above only represent delinquent properties from three or four years ago. There are many more that haven't reached the sell off point yet. Bear in mind, the county has also lost all property tax revenues from these properties for all these years also.

Currently, state and local officials are working on legislation that could change the laws so that counties in the predicament like Loudon County is, wouldn't have to pay those fees.

A friend of mine, who shall stay nameless, had what I thought was a perfect compromise. If no legislative solution can be found and the county/tax payers do have to pay the POA fees, then all county tax payers should have access to all Tellico Village amenities. The Yacht Club, the rec centers, the pools and the golf courses. Why not? If that were to happen, big changes could be in store to the village ummm.......atmosphere.

Hopefully a remedy can be found but if not, FOREEEEEEE!