Veterans Out

Veterans groups say they canít sell poppies

It donates to local charities and, in general, endorses many other community projects.

We, the veterans organizations ó Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion, Disabled American Veterans ó have had in the past a good relationship with our Lenoir City Walmart.

We have been permitted to conduct our buddy poppy programs on its premises, and Walmart has donated to our youth projects. We are grateful, and we thank them for their past support.

However, our request to conduct our buddy poppy program this year was denied. Lenoir City management represented that corporate Walmart would now only support solicitations from incorporated charity programs.

We have reason to believe that this was not a corporate Walmart mandate since other Walmart stores in the area are allowing our buddy poppy program. We must conclude this denial is a Lenoir City management decision.

We have no knowledge, nor have we been informed, that any of our members have in any way been disrespectful, aggressive or rude to the public.

We have complied with local managementís rules and restrictions and located our collection tables where they have directed.

The funds from our buddy poppy program are used to assist our local veterans, our current troops and their families. In fact, these poppies are made by disabled veterans in VA hospitals who are paid for their work, and this assists them in purchasing their personal items.

This is to inform the public that local Walmart management has withdrawn its support for local veterans and troops. Veterans and their families and those of you who support our troops ó ask Walmart management why its policies discriminate against military service.

James A. Bryant


Charles G. Kerfoot


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