Veterans Assistance Info

I am John Conway, a resident of Lenoir City and now a Board of Directors member of the newly-established Knoxville Chapter of the Vietnam Veterans of America organization.
My purpose in writing you is to let you know that the VVA is holding a community town hall meeting for the Knoxville area on July 23rd for the purpose of informing veterans and their families, especially offspring, of the benefits and other assistance available to those suffering with the effects of Agent Orange. We know from our experiences in other communities that many, if not most, veterans are unaware of resources available to them. We want to take this small step to begin overcoming that ignorance in our area. The event will be on July 23rd, 6-9pm, at the Knoxville Community Action Center (2247 Western Ave), also known as the LT Roscoe Bldg. Presentations by the Tennessee Department of Veterans Affairs and the VSLVA and a presence by representatives of local, state and national elected leaders will precede an anticipated Q and A session.
The success of this agenda will depend on getting the word out to interested community members, especially veterans and their families. That’s where you come in – we need your help in distributing the details of this effort to those in your sphere of influence who may be impacted by this information. I will have colorful flyers available early next month that I can deliver to you for this use and certainly a personal note to any veterans’ family would be most appreciated. Press releases, Facebook postings, timely membership announcements, resolutions of support or just bulletin board placements where the intended audience might be drawn to the information would be highly appreciated.
On behalf of the VVA, I am thanking you in advance and hoping that together we can help rid the scourge of Agent Orange diseases from veterans in this area.
John Conway