The First One

I know a lot of you are like me and love the old Andy Griffith shows. I could watch them over and over. Actually I do.

I'm also sure most of you have seen the pilot show that kicked off the Andy Griffith series. But if you haven't ever seen it of maybe haven't seen it in a long time, here's your opportunity.

The pilot was actually in an episode of The Danny Thomas Show (Danny meets Andy) Aired Feb. 15, 1960. It's a great episode. It had Andy of course and Opie. Aunt Bee was on but she wasn't Aunt Bee. There was a town drunk but not Otis.

Below are two links to watch the show in it's entirety. They're about thirty minutes long combined including commercials from 1960. When you have time, take a look at the show. This was the worlds first look at "Sheriff Andy Taylor"... Hope you enjoy....

The Andy Griffith Pilot Show Part One

The Andy Griffith Pilot Show Part Two