Vape On

I know you non smokers can't really appreciate how great it feels to quit smoking but trust me, it's a great feeling. See my "since I quit banner" above? That's a lot of money saved and a lot of cigs avoided.

Remember, I smoked for forty years and with the electronic cigarette, I quit in less than two weeks. I'm not the only one. Lots and lots of folks have kicked the habit.

My nephew, Jeff, was the one who got me off the cigs and on vaping. He was a true believer early on. He also quit smoking. Jeff has now gone to work full time in the E-Cig business. He is working at a new Vape shop that just opened last week. It's called Vintage Vapors. It's in a shop across from West Town Mall, just off Kingston Pike.

The Crew At Vintage Vapers

The shop is a theme style shop. Made to look and feel like a twenty's era speakeasy. They have an old style bar set up where you can try out different flavor e-juices. There's so many choices. There's chairs and couches where you can just lounge around. Very comfortable atmosphere.

For now you can visit their facebook page for additional information. Vintage Vapors Knox.

But if you're like me and you don't get to Knoxville that often, Mike's electronic cigarettes is still here in Lenoir City.

If you are a smoker, I would encourage you to give this a try. It certainly worked for me.